An Online Bus Booking Software increases reservations by offering a better performance, useful value additions and a less complex booking process. This software also provides on-board bookings and allows commissionable bookings with the help of travel agency system.

Many Bus Companies hold multiple distribution channels along with multi-divisional and branding strategies. They want a system that provides them with web-based interfaces for their end customers, B2B agents and employee managed reservations with an XML gateway for distributing their inventory to OTAs and aggregators.

web-based bus reservation system provides a customers and B2B agents an easy-to-use interface for online booking and check-in, allowing them to select the date of travel, pick ticket/route options, select their preferred seat(s) and finally make online payment.

Online Bus Software also includes features allowing multiple seat/cabin configurations, baggage options, booking reservation and cancellation policies along with dynamic packaging facilities on internet.

An internet reservation includes any number of trips, point-to-point or multi-leg facilities for which you may make online bookings. It includes single as well as round-trips where one leg is shorter than the other and each leg is created for smaller trips. The inclusion of innovative proprietary algorithms that uses a multi-tiered alliance schema, effortlessly manages both multi-leg and one-leg back and forth rounds trips.